Bumps on scalp?

Has anyone else ever gotten these soft itchy bumps on your scalp from minoxidil? I don't have many bumps, but I do have one or two that itch when I touch them.
They feel soft to the touch and are the same color as the rest of my scalp.
Are you using Nizoral? Nizoral has been known to cause bumps.
Yes! What are those bumps? Just like pimples or can they cause longterm probs?
Yeah they are kinda like hard painful pimples.
I get them when I use Nizoral too much and so do many others. They go away only to come back when I over use Nizoral again.
I only use Nizoral twice a week. And lately I have stopped applying the shampoo twice each shower like the bottle instructs.
Man why can't we just have a nice head of hair and none of this fuss?
LOL I guess we all wonder that.

Keep in mind its a medicated shampoo for a condition you really don't have. I think most only use it once. I do.

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