Left rogain foam in a hot car - still good?

I left one of my bottles in the car for about 4 days in ~90 degree weather. It appears normal, but will it still be effective or should I toss it out?
i also wonder this, too.
i have most of my minoxidil sitting in the medicine cabinet - and the weather lately has been humid of 25+ degrees.
sometimes i wonder if its damaging my minoxidil's integrity and i have a large sum of money invested in large quantities of minoxidil in my medicine cabinet. Don't want it all to go to waste.
Should i place the minixodil in the fridge to protect it from high temperatures?
it should be fine
just bring it back to normal household temperatures
and check to see if it still foams up
if it does your in the clear
i would wait 24 hours at an normal temperature to check
I also think it should be fine. I left my Rogaine Liquid in my car during the winter.. It was extremely cold but it was fine. It worked.

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