European Patent App for OSH101(aka OsteoScreen/Bald-Be-Gone)?

Found this in another forum where a few members have it in their mind to make a home brew version (though the task appears daunting, some good information was provided by the patent app). Very interesting stuff!
Click on the "Desc" button to see the Patent
This section of the forum should be more active, for sure.
An excerpt pointed out on the other forum by Androgen:
Example 16
Effect of Hair Cycle Stage
Skin explants from mice during telogen at 3 weeks of age were cultured for 72 hours, in the presence of proteasome inhibitors, and then the explants were histologically examined. In the untreated control explants, the follicles were few and small. In the explants treated with PSI (50 nM), epoxomicin (25 nM), and the hybrid
PSI-epoxide (50 nM), there was an obvious increase in hair follicle diameter, and follicle elongation.
Minoxidil also caused these changes, but at concentrations 10, 000-fold greater. Since these small follicles resemble the miniaturized follicles seen in male pattern baldness, this suggests these compounds may have the same effects in that situation.
Results in three weeks !? Far beyond that of Minox !? These were on mice, so it is unsure what the results in humans will be. I'm trying not to keep my hopes up, but its hard not to!
Indeed interesting. But then again, humans aren't lab rats.... well, at least physically.
This seems somewhat feasible, but I don't understand why it's patentable. The authors aren't creating any new compounds or anything, they've just apparently made an observation that proteasome inhibitors help grow bones, cartilage, and hair.
Flux, can you tell us at what forum you saw this homebrew thing? Were they going to use a solution of epoxomicin?
it is fake, if this dr. lee character has nothing to do with it then it is fake
OsteoScreen has a homepage:
Aparently Phase 2 trials are going to start in 2004
Who can wait that long?
I wonder when the bone growth version of their product will be released. Perhaps this can be turned into a toppical.

yeah i know, i think the game we're all going to be playing is how long can we hold to what we have right now. DHT inhibitors are absolutely key right now until these advanced solutions come out.
Was this potential treatment buried by Neosil?
Anybody know anything about it?
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