Pilfood ?!!?

Has anyone heard of this? Someone who knows nothing about hair loss (has never heard of propecia/fin) mentionned it to me. I thought it wouldn't exist but behold:
I present to you pilfood! What a stupid name. Have a read and discuss. It's not a drug it seems. Anyone try this before?
Nope and don't think i will be. It's just vitimans and minerals. Won't do any harm but won't do much good either. It's misleading to sell it as a cure for MPB and yes what a stupid name, guess it's a stupid product so the names quite fitting really.
Pilfood - Sounds like something Goldfish would eat.
100 capsules @ 3 a day. What do you do with that last remaining capsule you'll inevitably have?
BTW, this is the only available medicine here in UAE (besides fin and mindox ofcourse) and for your information it's much more famouse in pharmacies than rogaine
very strange!!
I¡äve bought a couple of boxes in the past.
Multi vitamin with some aminoacids and minerals. Poor stuff for basing a regime in it, but can be helpful if you want the whole vitamin thing in one pill.
I¡äm never going to buy it again, becouse I don¡ät believe in vitamins appart from the ones in the food, and it put me in somewhat of an excited condition after eating the pills. Like "too much alert" situation or something. Don¡ät really know why, becouse apparently there are no stimulants (caffeine, taurine...) in it.
one of the components of pilfood shampoo is "dut". is it the same as dut drug used for hair loss?

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